Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Rum interviewees

I believe, we all have done few hilarious (read embarrassing) stuffs during interviews, for god knows why? I mean, we all have been there, once in a while, haven't we - Not in a horrible way but seriously don't even try to venture into these kinds of a blizzard. And if you do, yes you might have a funny story to share down the lane with your friends and family, but probably without that job in your profile. But Hey, what's the point in life, if you can't make few of your own stories. So if you, like me, have any interview regrets, these should make you feel better – you’re not alone. All these incidents are mind-fart incidents of either mine or my friends. However, for their privacy sake, I will address each of these incidents as a third person.  And, obviously, these stories are biased in favor of interviewee so don't read too much in between. However, on a serious note, do acknowledge that the firm for which you are being interviewed has every right to have whatever criteria they deem fit but at the same time you should know that they are not doing you any favor - They are looking for their best and you must be looking for your best. So don't sweat over if it doesn't work out - When one door closes, another opens, Always! Go out there, learn and enjoy the process - Be respectful but at the same time expect the same courtesy, otherwise just walk out - No further discussion!

1. But you are beyond.
Job description: Software Dev (A networking company - ABC)
Interviewer (I): How proficient are you in networking?
Candidate (C): I am okay but not really my expertise.
I: How are you going to survive in ABC, if you don't know these stuffs?
C: But in pre-talk, you had stated that ABC is beyond networking, didn't you!
2. Home guy.
Job description: Software Consultant
Interviewer (I): For 2 days in a week, you have to work from <City 100 KM away>.
Candidate (C): Okay, but I am a work from home kinda guy.
3. Half dressed.
Job description: Back-end SE
So for the online interviews, this guy feels relax with his top-half cloth and for the rest - well let's just say a minimally required element. One fine day, during an online interview, he needed a piece of paper to write his pseudo code, but understandably couldn't get up of his chair to fetch one :)
4. Smile creep.
Job Description: Master Admission
This incident is ancient, 2010. So this guy seriously said what is written in the below pic, in front of whole panel: First smile and then that filmy dialogue. The Profs stomach might be hurting from laughter once the guy was out of the panel.
They say a pic is worth a thousand words. What an idiotic answer, LOL!
To the profs, his smile must have looked like this :D
5. Impressed already?
Job Description: Application dev
Interviewer: Impress me!
Candidate: I'm exceptionally proficient in python and back-end, and I'm pretty expensive!
6. A late wizard? 
Job Description: Cloud tools
Interviewer arrives around 20 minutes late.
Interviewer: Hello, how are you doing?
Candidate: I'm sorry - I'm early!
7. A bird came to city.
Job Description: A truly awesome startup, back-end dev
Interviewer: Your work history shows that you have been mostly working with well-established firms. What is your motivation?
Candidate: I'm a bird (WTF did he smoke last night :D)