Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dasbidaniya over a cup of tea!

With a dear friend. During our last train journey, we were talking about the sacred geometry of our life chances, about growing old, about not becoming an old man full of regrets but growing as an old content man with full of white hairs - but not with regrets. What could be the hidden law of a probable outcome - we don't know, we will never know -  if we don't try it firsthand. What could be the easiest way to become that old man that we despise so much - Follow others for fear of what society would say otherwise, living in the fear of what people might think? Nothing matters, as if I don't do what I told you before, that regret will take over and will never leave. I am very glad to have this friend of mine, an honorable man, a man who doesn't believe playing solely for the money, status, or respect but for what he believes is right (don't get carried away too far - he is quintessentially a guy first just like many of us - his resolution to keep the room in an orderly way lasted for precisely ONE day :D ); natheless can't help but feel little doleful as well at our perfectly timely egress. Next time, we meet, I hope we will be on that path where memory or money for that matter doesn't dissolve our fervor. Until then Dasbidaniya!