Saturday, July 15, 2017

Return of Game of Thrones 7

So finally tomorrow is the return of Game of Thrones 7. Ever since Red Wedding, what I seek is the total justice and vengeance for the murder of Catelyn Stark.

She was not a perfect woman but she fought till last, the only thing that ever matters to me, for her loved ones with a woman's motherly courage and strength. A woman with nerves of steel and a loyal heart, I admired her so much, truly and absolutely. She lost everything and yet she kept going. And the list of vengeance includes Baelish, too, a person who loved her for his entire life. I had an admiration for the love he had for Lady Stark but the way he let, the daughter of the woman he loved so immensely, suffer and humiliated repels me to the core. The only justice, that deems just must be served by the other daughter of Lady Stark, cold and raw. He could have saved her but he let all those happen to Sansa. I want him to suffer first, feel each and every bit for what he did and didn't, for what happened to Sansa, for not avenging Lady Stark. I am so bloody mad at him.