Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Final weeks - Let's keep calm!

Me: Isn't 1000+ slides too much prof?

Professor: Don't worry, questions in final will be easy given you aren't dumb.

Me: LOL, That's how you failed 75% of class last year :-/

Update [May 2017, a year later]: Well, failed that examination by 0.3 (passed:15.625%, it didn't really feel so bad when ~84% of class failed :-/). Funny thing, few months later, applied one of prof technique at work and dude was it a riot, eventually a whole module adopted that same implication.

Looking back: One of the best course ever taken ... It's totally okay to fail sometimes:D
Mother used to say, "Keep doing your thing, it will pay off one day, you just don't know yet- when!"