Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Infinite Playlist - '15

'15 you are truly insane. There were times when I hated you most for your stubbornness. Those waking up in the early morning, those late night struggles with sleep and slides, those schedules - almost all of your traits were crazy enough to drive me insane with your excuses. I sometimes hated you for your bullying gut. You almost dragged me to some amazing places where you wanted us to go but I was shy to explore. You inspired me to be good, to do something good with life, gave me a purpose. You are more than a friend to me.

I guess there were times too when you hated me too for my lazy ass. But believe me, I sincerely worked everyday to prove you that I was worth of your love and affection. My dearest, I grew with you every passing single moment. I despised you and the same time loved you. I truly loved messing with you, I know sometimes it made you annoyed but you patiently bore with a broad smile on your face. I fell in love with our awkward beautiful bonding.

Now as the time to say Goodbye is under the horizon, I want to say something to you even though I can't find anything that can properly express my feeling and our relationship but there is something I want to dedicate to you that says something about us - "The relation of growing together".

Most probably this is my last post directed towards bidding adieu to passing years.