Saturday, May 27, 2017

Last StuStaCulum

Every chapter in life has to come to an end sometime. For many of us, this year's StuStaCulum marks the start of a new beginning, coming soon. In next few months, we all will be scattered far and wide like dust. It's a pleasant feeling undoubtedly though little heartbreaking too.

On a light note, recalling a memorable trend here, if you ask someone about something particular out in wild(Munich) and if we do not know the details, then you would be greeted with "Well, We live in StuSta, don't we?", obviously in a light vein. Munich is undoubtedly beautiful, a lot of memories we made with this city, but our place is like a warm nest - a living village with its own soul that Munich generously offered us.

Well all said, it's time to make our last StuStaCulum memorable. This is just morning, I know how sublime it would be by the end of this night. So, Let's gear up for our last Culum night- Prost!