Thursday, July 21, 2016

Where do I begin

I have one really weird ritual and I think it's coming to an end finally with last academic examinations of mine life. So basically minutes before leaving for examination I blast the speaker with just one particular song in loop. It didn't / doesn't exactly do anything except it allows me to get consumed with my panic, then I feel ready - What's the worst that could happen - max I might fail, but does it really matter, I gave my best that's what really matters to me. That one particular song obviously kept changing with time. Now as I am approaching towards the last theory paper of my life, this all seems so nostalgic or another thing, so recent!

During those high school days, it was this - yes it was those audio cassette tapes :D

During bachelor's, it was Lakshya. Rommie used to get really pissed off because of my timing as it used to be his last minute revision time and there I, singing at top of my lungs blasting woofer. He will never forget or possibly forgive me for that I am sure :D

All those GATE, interviews, tofel, these master examinations, this little girl became / is a ritual who basically says - everything will be fine if I just keep trying.  She is on my cell since a very very long time.

Nonetheless, I am at peace with my best and worst mistakes, success or failures, I feel warm and contented in my heart of heart that throughout this journey I lived every day, that I tried to give my best - A new life is waiting at the end of the road, I will meet her there.