Friday, June 20, 2014

Built-in VNC in MAC

I recently noticed there is a built in VNC in mac with name “Screen Sharing” app. (tasted with MAC 10.9.3)

Location of the app: “/System/Library/CoreServices” [Open Finder > Choose “GO” > "Go to Folder"]

Find the “Screen Sharing” app and drag it to dock bar or Desktop for easy access.
Features of this app: 
  • Multiple VNCs can be opened. 
  • Recent VNC info and password saving. This feature is missing in RealVNC application available in App Store.
  • Simple and less crashes.
  • Free!
While connecting to any VNC we have to give absolute port number, which starts with 59 always. 
For ex: bgl-mitp-013:01 vnc can be accessed with bgl-mitp-013:5901

Other option to launch this application is to use the “Connect to Server” keyboard shortcut that is available in the OS X Finder (just hit Command + K) or in web browser, type “vnc://” in the URL bar. Hit Return and the Screen Sharing app will be launched immediately.