Friday, December 13, 2013

P.S. I loveD you '13

If 2013 was a person I would describe it as someone with whom I have a love - hate relationship(kind of kill you first and then take your name). When we met, it was a love at first sight. Thought everything will be fine from now onwards. but you around there somewhere in between started breaking the promises and sometimes dreams, sometimes hopes, Just to make me stronger. It may sound a long journey but it was just a second.

You don’t remember anything when you fall in love but you remember every detail when you are falling out of it, that was the second half of 2013. So, Miss 2013 took me to great places and in my imaginations the whole world. We had a good chance of being together but then I expected too much out of you and that was just the truth..with the cold breeze of December here you were looking at me but I was lost somewhere else, I took another ticket to find you, but realized you have left the old place. And now you are just a history, intact in my memory. 

My memory loves you, often asks about you. I talk about you with my best friend 2014, she loves to hear about you (she just nods in a hope) because that gives me happiness and she cares. We still have time(18 days or so) and we will make it great together.
I will bid adieu with a smile, I promise.

You are beautiful, always will be. You will be missed.
P.S. Mantosh